What Our Clients Are Saying?  

"My two daughters have been enrolled at Little Harvard since the spring of 2013, at that time our oldest was 3 1/2 years old and our youngest was 11 months old. As a parent, our children are our greatest treasures and I am so thankful for the wonderful care that my children have had and continue to receive from all of the wonderful educators at Little Harvard. I am always amazed at the new things my girls come home talking about every day, from numbers and letters to dinosaurs or planets! The educators make learning fun for every age at the centre and help instill a love of learning during those very important early years.

Our oldest daughter who is now in grade 2 has been in the afterschool program since she entered kindergarten. The centre is so close to the school, we don't have to worry about bussing her or lengthy walks during the cold winter months. She looks forward to being able to see all of her friends after school and get the chance to play and be active outside. She also has a blast attending the summer program for school age children, they have themed weeks, tons of outdoor time and of course the opportunity to make new friends.

I am very fortunate to feel completely at ease heading off to work every morning knowing that my girls are being well cared for in every way at Little Harvard.  Alyssa Kingston"
- Jackie Phinney